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Self Portrait

For my self portrait project I decided to use new materials I am not used to using. I painted the hair and clothing with gouache paint and colored the skin with pastels. It was a challenge trying to shade and … Continue reading

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Colored Caricature

This character is a warped persona of myself. I decided to stretch elements of myself to emphasize certain aspects of how I look, and my character. I stretched my face to further emphasize the fact that i’m built very frail, … Continue reading

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Self Portrait

A self portrait I drew in pen and marker on sketchbook paper. my original image is the one on the top, then copies were made for me to add extra features to. in the left most bottom image I used straight lines … Continue reading

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Stylized Self Portrait

Self portraits of mine are usually based on mood giving me a chance to study other styles. I wanted to experiment with shading and thick lining. mostly dependent on how bland I was feeling that day. Other self portraits tend to … Continue reading

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