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i’m trying to understand what grabs my attention with this video it’s very simple and the animation is not full in most parts, it’s very choppy. But i have watched it maybe 30-40 times and counting. I love it so … Continue reading

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World building

This is a world building piece and a brief summary of the first part of my comic idea awoken

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Animation Test

Im working with a feature in a program called fire alpaca that works like a digital light table. I was testing it to see if I could make a short gif with one of my own characters. The gif was … Continue reading

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Arm and Hand Bones

In this study I learned more about the bones in the arm and hand. Learning about the inner workings of our body will lead to knowledge of both how the outer body goes together, and how it moves. This piece … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Night Sky

I wanted to work with lighting in this image. I was playing with different colored shadows while tying to incorporate a small story into the image. The area of the image I had the biggest challenge with was the hair. … Continue reading

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Stylized Self Portrait

Self portraits of mine are usually based on mood giving me a chance to study other styles. I wanted to experiment with shading and thick lining. mostly dependent on how bland I was feeling that day. Other self portraits tend to … Continue reading

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Recent Personal Work

Recently I have been working on my personal style. I’ve been trying to add certain details and quirks to add to my artwork to make them stand apart from other pieces. An example of small quirks would be the strange triangle patches … Continue reading

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