i’m trying to understand what grabs my attention with this video

it’s very simple and the animation is not full in most parts, it’s very choppy. But i have watched it maybe 30-40 times and counting. I love it so much and it inspires me. maybe its the emotion or the music behind it. it could also just be the simplicity? I want to find the traits that grab people and inspire them to do more just like this has done for me. I dont need to be perfect even though it helps, but i do need to find something that stirs emotion in people. It is hard for me to come up with non cliche characters because i tend to use myself as a model and frankly I’m quite a cliche person. I need to learn how to broaden my horizons within my stories and my characters while still improving and developing my art.

Tang, Ranchu. “What is goi n on here??” Youtube. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Apr. 2017. <;.

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