Menominee Creation Story Comic

waertyhj.pnguncolored project.pngcolored project.png


Creation story: Hoffman, Walter James. “The Menominee and Manabush.” Creation Stories. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2017. <;.

Image: Unknown. Menominee Flower. N.d. Pintrest.


In this project we were to research a creation story and create a 5 or more panel comic based off of the story. I chose the Menominee creation story called The Menominee and Manabush. I decided to create the very beginning of the story where the main tribes are formed. I used a new style mixed with my coloring style to make the comic look as if it was drawn in a more Menominee style. I implemented their style of artwork with the thick outlines that make the piece look more geometric and disconnected. I got the idea for the style from this image.8cbbcc6e2dc77898b7d0038687f23ec5.jpg

In this piece i made use of line color and value. I used line to transition from each scene in the comic. I used shrinking lines to point your eyes towards the next panel or action, and I boxed in other panels to seclude them. I used value to give the pice a greater three dimensional feel. A mix of value and color was used to imitate shadows and other effects in the comic.

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