Skeleton Drawing



Birch, Simon. Untitled. 2013. Hong Kong. My Modern Met. Pinar, 12 Oct. 2013. Web. 4 Apr. 2017

In this piece I drew a skeleton within a popular pice of artwork created by Simon Birch. He created a series of paintings that featured the body in motion. I decided to abstract my skeleton within the piece slightly to increase the movement the artwork. I drew it to appear as if the bone was melting away or violently striking to the side as the form in the piece does.

I made use of line and value to increase the impact of my piece. I used line to separate the skeleton from the rest of the image. The dark outlines on the bones make it so they stand out from the rest of the piece. The lines seclude the white in the bone making it so your eyes are drawn towards them making them the centerpiece of the image. I utilized value to give the bones form and depth. On the ribcage I made the bones that circle behind darker as they grow further back in the image to give the viewer an understanding of the depth of the ribcage. I also gave a gradient to the leg bones to define that they stretch forward in space.

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