World building

This is a world building piece and a brief summary of the first part of my comic idea awoken

Awoken world building

Cae’s homeworld: 7-B-2011 (7th galaxy, 2nd planet, 2011th to join Awoken)

7-B-2011: Temperate homeworld 70% water, no saltwater. Very much like earth but the tilt of the planet is less of an angle and it is a bit bigger. It has major rain/thunder and snow storms but no earthquakes or tidal waves. Tornados are rare but can still happen. Highest ocean waves recorded at 6ft

7-B-2011 lifestyle:

Government: yearly elected monarch with no control over military. They exist for economic and diplomatic purposes only.

Economy: free market and government run industries. Government usually runs food processing and mass production industries. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to start their own business in any field.

Lifestyle: individuality is highly encouraged. Discrimination is seen in non land dwelling intelligent creatures, it is the worst for sea dwellers. Freedom and choice is a proud factor of this civilization. War is chosen in a completely pure democracy and carried out by many democratically elected military leaders.

Culture: a working society, many of the worlds wonders were destroyed due to the extremely rapid industrialization induced by the awoken society.

Religion: mainly monotheistic but many don’t have or care to have religious beliefs. Religion can be freely practiced as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or disrupt society.

Cae’s location:

Cae lives in the northern part of her world near a western port city. Winter is experienced here but it is mild compared to northern USA winters. This is because of the town’s costal positioning. It only snows 1-3 times a year but when it does it blizzards for 2 days to a week, potentially shutting down businesses and entire towns. It’s a very rainy area, but there is a dry season in mid summer to early fall.

Cae’s species:

Her species is extremely adaptable due to their bodies being able to develop and change dramatically to match their surroundings and ideals. This ability slows dramatically as her species reaches adulthood, and eventually stops. The only way to experience mutation after adulthood  is a combination of extreme adrenaline and mental collapse.

Early characters??:

Awoken society:

The mysterious awoken society holds the biggest alliance in the known universe. This is due to their gifts of extremely advanced technology, and their supernatural ability to understand and see the future. They are basically gods with the desire to lead the universe in the right direction. One of their technologies is required of their alliances to wear. It is a watch that can foretell when you are to die with 100% accuracy. They do this because if the timer runs out and the wearer is somehow alive they are part of the main awoken society, and will be able to utilize the powers of the awoken.


Cae is our main character! She is a chubby grey creature with long ears and one eye. She lives as one of the creatures on 7-B-2011. She has a generally good childhood and decently wealthy, loving parents. She wants desperately to be the strongest creature she can be so she can protect her friend Melody. This desire can explain both Cae’s stocky build and her fiery stubbornness.

Cae and Melody both have the same date and time of death, which happens to be quite early on in life, just a small time after Cae’s 18th birthday. This causes them to be friends early on and throughout life. They become extremely close and even eventually fall in love throughout their time alive. They end up agreeing that they are going to die together. This is morbid yet understandable because even though death is terrifying they know that the watches have never been wrong.

Both of them have perks due to their early deaths. They are granted special passes around age 15 allowing them to drink, smoke, and enjoy certain days for free or at discount at fairgrounds, bars, and basically any entertainment venue. Also small crimes and conflicts may be ignored, but this is very rare.


Melody is a rare cross creature. Most creatures either stick to the land/sky or the sea. Her parents are both fish creatures that happened upon a large amount of money by chance. They used this opportunity to see that their daughter grew up on the land, hoping she could find a better life without the burden of discrimination the land creatures had on their people. Melody spent most of her younger years away from her parents in hopes that her mind would lead her mutation away from her underwater roots.

Unfortunately her parents plan did not work perfectly. even though Melody had mutated to the point where she could live on the land she still obtained many features that scream fish to land creatures, including a gilly lung which causes her pain if she overworks her body. This was caused because of her exposure to the environment and her parents for the first week or so of life.

Her fish features cause her to be at the center of bad attention. She constantly gets bullied,  beat up, and discriminated against even from adults. Her gilly lung disallows her from being able to fight back too hard even with her voice. This causes her to be very quiet, shy, and reserved. Her only friend is Cae and she regrets her inability to fight for herself.


The story comes in two parts the first part is very slice of life/ romance feeling even though they are aliens, and the second part morphs into adventure si-fi.

The story opens to Cae on her 4th birthday. At 4 years old Caes species is developed enough to receive the watch that is able to “tell your time”. After that the story builds on Cae’s family and minor childhood events that shape Cae’s personality. She is given a choice if she wants to go to school or not and she decides to go. This is where she meets Melody.

This first meeting is important because it basically shows the other students attitudes towards their situations and begins to hint on the racism in their society. Children are taught that there is no reason to befriend the children that die early. Children who die early usually don’t gain true friends, and are exploited for the perk tickets they receive. So the other children tend to drift away from the two. Leaving them no choice but to befriend each other.

The comic then transitions from child through teenage years showing major events and points in their lives. They cover topics such as personal problems, trauma, fear, showing weakness, homophobia, and bulling. Even though there is a struggle to solve these problems, both of the characters find a settlement on each topic.

Then we reach the end of the first part.  The day the two are to die is upon them. They end up committing suicide together as they had planned. They climb to the top of the grand oak tree that they grew up with, and jump together head first.

The ending should be here. I honestly wish I had planned it to end this way because the more I drew them the more attached I got to the two. But Melody was absolutely everything to Cae. If we didn’t loose her Cae would still have someone to be by her side to help her. She wouldn’t care about how unfair the world is and how strange it is that the awoken society knew 100% when they would die. How unfair knowing they would die early was, they weren’t even given a chance to live right. If melody was still alive cae would be fine with anything that was thrown at her, because everything she built her life around was still there. I also really wanted a space adventure type deal and the only way to fully explain the mysterious awoken society is to have the main character brought into it so they couldn’t both die together either.

The very last panels depict a foggy grey leech snaking towards cae it bites down on the back of her neck and her eye opens slowly. She sees her watch, it’s glowing red and beeping. The word Awoken was written with glowing red letters on the watch. A red symbol representing the society was also on the watch. Her eye trails upward and lands on a dead, awkwardly crumpled Melody. The last panel is Cae, curled in pain on the ground, screaming for help.

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