Lonely Wolf Lonely Sheep Analysis

I read a comic called lonely wold lonely sheep to analyze how figures interact with the comic book medium. Within this comic forms are exaggerated to create a bigger impact from an action. Lines are also added to some moving figures to further push the idea of how they are moving


In this page of the comic the main character is running after another character. To show this the artist chose to slant her body in the direction she is running as well as move the hair to indicate direction an movement. In the last panel lines that are slanted inward and the word dash is also added to indicate her movement.


This page is an excellent example of exaggerated poses to send more meaning into the action. In real life her extended arm would not appear this way for the action she is planning to commit. But it is staged this way into the comic to further show her intention, so you can see her whole arm and the object she is planning to hurt herself with.


This page shows an example of scene sequence. It is brought on by the dark coloring of the girl’s thoughts and extends into the bordering of the new scene. The thoughts foreshadow the new scene to come, and the next panel shows the entirety of the new scene to signify the complete change of both area and tone.

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