Cat Marionette



My marionette relates structure and flow by the way the strings hold the cat. I used one lead for the entire cat so each action has an opposite reaction. I also spaced the segments of the arm and leg pieces to give them more range of motion giving them the ability to flow without the strings total control. My marionette is a cat that burst it’s arms and legs free from a present box. This design is loose enough to give the viewer different ideas on the character as long as they are not told what the character already is. My marionette could be seen as a tailless cat, or a cat in a shirt and tie, or even a different animal or creature than it’s supposed to be. In my plans while designing my cat I specifically decided to use color and pattern to show the organic and inorganic parts of my character. I wanted to make every part of the animal a solid, more earthy color, and then make the wrapping around the cat a bright vibrant pattern to signify that it is no longer the same object as the cat. Picking the color and pattern differences was part of my creative process. My creative process usually starts with a rough plan, it then evolves as I discover more ways to enhance my piece. My marionette is mainly composed of balloon origami pieces that i reflected over on each side of the character. These pieces create the most prominent pattern in my marionette. They create the feel of my creature, giving it a seemingly round and bubbly character. The pieces that diverge from the main form are what brings the piece together. The cape and the bowtie are the biggest differences in my piece. They draw attention to the center of my piece and then direct your eyes towards the arms and legs where movement is most prominent.

The elements most prominently used in this piece were shape, texture, size, and color. The texture and color go hand in hand by creating a division in certain parts of the piece. Vibrant colors and any sense of pattern will separate from earthy colors and no pattern. Size was used to create the figure. If the pieces were too small the character would look stubby, and if they were too large the character would look extremely disproportionate. In this piece I planned out the sizes of each origami piece to give it a decently correct proportion. In my piece I incorporated shape with modular design. I used several copies of the balloon origami shapes throughout my creature. Each shape was reflected in the piece giving it a sense of unity.

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