Recent Personal Work

gfdsa.pngsexy demon?? kinda?? wip.pngworthless.pngghgcfx


Recently I have been working on my personal style. I’ve been trying to add certain details and quirks to add to my artwork to make them stand apart from other pieces. An example of small quirks would be the strange triangle patches in the dragon and blue humanoid image. I am also learning to decide and settle into my own style. Currently I am facing the tough realization that my art doesn’t seem to always follow a code or pattern. I need to find the way I like to create art the most and try to master that method before prioritizing variety. All of these images are drawn from my mind yet all of them are quite different in style. Over the next year my focus will be on style and observational drawings to improve my anatomical understanding. The program I used to create these images is called FireAlpaca.

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