Animal Project


In this piece I studied and drew an Amur leopard. To achieve this I made a cover that was in pieces and placed it over my blank paper. I then lifted up and drew under one piece at a time. I made it so some of the pieces were letters that spelled poaching, which is what ultimately lead to this animals endangerment. This made slight abstractions and breaks in the piece just as humanity has to the Amur leopard. The imperfections in the art symbolize the imperfections in the animals natural life due to humanity.

I made use of line and texture in this piece to give the illusion of fur upon the animal. I used jagged and straight lines to try and emulate thee fur shape and direction of the leopard. I also made use of value to create shadows, spots and separate certain areas of the leopard’s body. A specific area value was used in was to show a separation between the two back legs of the animal.

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