Illustrated Name


The inking of this project.


I added watercolor to the initial inking.



Within My illustrated name I created a scene out of symbols that are important to me. I heavily used the program photoshop to add color to my piece. Photoshop allowed me to get sharper, more crisp colors to help enhance the message of the piece. I learned how to further use adjustment tools and key shortcuts. I incorporated contrast in my piece to help highlight key areas such as the letters and the inside rectangle. I used line to cage certain areas and lift others. I also used symbolism to express myself within this piece.

I use quite a bit of symbolism in this piece that plays a role in explaining who I am. The symbol I use in the border is a Greek symbol representing unity and liberation. In the center of the picture I placed many space themed elements, the ocean, snakes, and plants because they are all things that I love and make me feel at peace. I made the snakes attack each other to represent my constant inner battle between depression and hope.

I took several steps to reach my final project. I started with sketches of what I would like to incorporate based on images from the Book of Kells and put them together with my initials. I looked into the design of snakes and different keltic knots used in the Book of Kells and incorporated them into my rough draft. Then I drew and inked my sketch onto bristol paper with sharpie. After that I used watercolor on my pice to color in the snakes. The next step I took was scanning the piece to put into photoshop. After I put the piece in photoshop I started playing with adjustments and putting in color. I specifically used the curves and hue and saturation adjustments to create my image. I decided to straighten the border lines in photoshop a small amount. Then I scanned in a watercolor texture I painted in class and incorporated a picture of a close up corner of my room to the symbols in the border.

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