Abstract Animation

Abstract Video with music


Within my animation I incorporated two concepts of abstraction. These concepts are musical/rhythmic and Spiritual/Cognitive. Musical/Rhythmic abstraction is when the general flow of the animation matches a rhythm or beat in a music piece. Spiritual/Cognitive abstraction is used to show emotion through abstract movements and objects. My animation matches the rhythm of the music. I wanted to make it so the shapes either disappear with the beat or flow with the oncoming music. This creates a unification between the music and the shapes. I added emotion by incorporating melting shapes, color changes or dramatic movements. The music also helped incorporate to the emotion of the piece because of it’s dramatic drops from quiet to loud.

I took inspiration from Walter Ruttmann’s “Opius II” with his circle like shapes that flow around each other and protruding spikes that give a sense of danger to the viewer. I also took inspiration from his work “Opius III” where he moves and morphs solid lines. I decided to create falling spikes and incorporate solid moving lines near the end of my video based loosely on Walter Ruttmann’s work. In Norman McLaren’s piece “Dots” he creates an assortment of circles that will disappear from the scene almost as soon as they appear. I included this idea into my piece where each object will permanently disappear and be replaced by something else. Norman McLaren’s piece differs greatly from  mine although due to the fact that he uses very visually similar objects to replace the others while I made something new each time the object changes.

My piece has several areas that I am proud of but also several areas I need to improve on. I thought my animation during the first five seconds was very smooth and controlled especially with the two blobs that touch and leave. The color transitioned well inside the dripping circle, and the objects interacted with the music in a controlled fashion. The last four seconds of the video seem to fall short though. The moving lines with bumps in them seem very sturdy and don’t flow very smoothly which contradicts my style in the rest of the animation. The last object in my piece, the orb with red dots inside it, seems too different from the rest of my piece and had an awkward movement. In all I think my piece’s best quality is the smoothness of the movement, and some of the transitions between disappearing and appearing shapes.  It’s biggest downfall was its lack of unity. It barely ever repeats and the objects change too drastically.


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