Linear Day


This is my linear day. they are 21 x 5.5 in. The first image is sharpie on #120V Bristol Vellum paper. The second image is watercolor pencil, Pigma Brush, and Sharpie on Rives heavyweight cream paper.

– How do the lines I used enhance or embellish the story of my day?

I used the blurry watercolor pencils to show fogginess, and forgetfulness, while I used thick stocky lines to define what I remember of the real world around me within this day.

– Is there a consistent look to my image?

There is no constant look in my image. My day looks very realistic in the close up of my face yet changes to a cartoony style as my book goes on. The line weights and usage are different throughout as well. The lines change from foggy to defined.

– How does that consistent look or absence of a consistent look help or hinder the final work?

The inconstancy seems to hurt the unity of the image. It makes it too wild and unpredictable.

– What means did I use to show that my day is composed of continuous events/movement?

I connected lines and objects. I always had one pice of one image connecting to the next.

– How creative was my final work?

I feel that i was being generic with my connecting methods, but I also feel like my storytelling was unique because of my use of value and line.

– IS there any mistake or poor craftsmanship in the final work that is distracting? – – How does it distract from your work?

Yes the video game near the end of the image has bent lines. It distracts from the work by adding unreality to the image, which is not the focus of my image.

– Will you submit the work with the distractor? Why?

Yes because i’m out of paper, the store is closed, and I have no time.


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