Notecard Animation

Video 1

Video 2

Within my first notecard animation I created a turtle as the main feature in the piece. I took inspiration from Otto Messmer’s work Felix the Cat. I had an abstract use of background when the bush disappears. I also made use of symbols when the turtles tail turned into a question mark. This piece had many shortcomings including a moving background. The hill in the background morphs shape and does not remain stagnant like it is intended to. Another shortcoming was the movement of the bush. it seemed to remain almost the same size as it moved back in the landscape. The turtle also was very sketchy and needed to be drawn as it is without the use of faint circling and guidelines.

Within my second animation I made use of a solid and bold line. Unlike my previous piece I did not use stray guidelines, making the character more defined. I also made the background more stagnant by tracing the first frame’s background instead of the previous frame’s. I also tried to make the bush look like it was moving towards the back of the landscape, incorporating depth better than in the first animation.

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