Self Portrait


Maria Groetz

Within my self portrait I have incorporated many elements of design. The most prominently used elements are in my portrait are line and value. I made use of line to define small points of interest, and bring detail. I used line to define singular lines within my hair and eyebrows to bring a further understanding of what i have drawn. I also used line to define the eyes and make them stand out. I incorporated value through the shading in my image. The value was used to make the image appear more 3 dimensional. It is also used to hi light certain areas of the face. My use of value shines most brightly around the lips and tung, and around the eyes.

I drew my portrait in this way to show my carefree and slightly childish attitude. I am hanging upside down and sticking my tong out to express my joking humorous nature. Upon first meeting someone i am rather shy and can not express myself as I usually do, this is something i reflect upon with the shy placement of my hand. With it protectively near my face and neck my hand shows how prepared i am to cover my face and hide my true colors form anyone i wish to.

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