Succulent Tiger

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 11.25.55 AM.png

In this piece I created, rigged and animated my own model of a succulent plant mixed with a tiger. In the end the animation depicts the tiger chasing a particle that drifts through a window. I wanted to emphasize the bulky and rigidness of my character design in the animation. Most tigers tend to be elegant and light on their feet, but I wanted to depict a more clumsy character because of it’s not so streamlined body, and cute characteristics.



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Website Art

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.52.32 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.52.41 PM.png


Art is a reflection of life, in which art can imitate life, but is not life. It can have time based elements, or can be still. It can look like something seen in life or it can be completely unrecognisable. Everything that is created, is first inspired by the world we know. I wanted to create my art from an everyday event we observe in life, a human walking. Then i wanted to give the user control on how this figure walks.

In this piece I wanted to incorporate controlled time based elements within a webpage. I wanted to do this through animation. I ended up creating two different walk cycles that one could control by scrolling with a mouse or touchpad. I did this by creating a variable that could tell which image should come after the previous image. I use one variable that tracks the amount one has scrolled, this variable dictates the movement of the character from the left to right. There is one more variable that adds one to the existing value whenever the page is scrolled, and then goes back to zero when a certain number is reached, either fifteen or thirty. This controls which frame of the walk cycle is shown. Depending on how you scroll or the speed of your scrolling, the walk cycle changes. In the end I made two differently styled walk cycles to suit mouse or trackpad scrolling. The red figure moves more fluidly with a trackpad, while the blue figure moves better while scrolling with the mouse. They both use the same number of frames to move, but the blue one is exaggerated greatly, making his movement much faster than the red figure. This difference was made purposely because the red figure has more fluid animation, but moves lest too fast when a mouse wheel is used to scroll, where the blue figure flails around at an extreme almost comedic rate when scrolling, but can be read as movement when scrolling with a mouse. I am trying to communicate that art can imitate life, but it will never be alive. It is just a illusion, a collection of still pixels, trying to mimic things that already exist and live. Humans put meaning behind something that is, for this project, just pixels on a screen, or a canvas with acrylic paint placed and dried on it. With my piece, yes it is imitating a moving human, and it can move, but only with the help of something that is already alive. On it’s own it is simply pixels, barely resembling a human.

In this piece I created a piece of web art that falls under my description of what art is. An imitation of life, movement, and time. A piece that resembles a walking human, but is truly a stack of still images controlled by the user. Something that resembles a common experience throughout life but in the end is just an artistic rendition of space, time, form, and life experience.

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DMA Showcase Piece

This piece was created for the 2018 Alfred state student showcase. It was created in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere.

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Flower Woodblock Print




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DMA Showcase

I attended the DMA showcase event on May 5th at 1 pm. This event took place in the Orvis auditorium. The event showcased many digital media and animation student’s time based works. This presentation was made to showcase the work students created over the school year.

The screening had a large number of works that were presented. Some pieces grabbed my attention more than others. There was a piece about an RPG slime that seemed harmless, but in the end was ruthless, covered in muscles, and brutal in combat. There was also another piece that depicted a magical girl transformation in a burning city, but by the end of this transformation the city was already destroyed. In the end these pieces caught my attention due to their comedic effect. There was one more piece that caught my attention but it was for reasons other than comedy. It was a live action piece about a tormented and bullied boy, who in the end snaps mentally. This piece caught my attention due to its aesthetic choices. The video was taken in very familiar places to me, but with the sound effects, lighting, and camera shots the film came off as very eerie.

These pieces relate to my major, because they are pieces of film. They are also creations made from other people within my major looking for the same or similar jobs as myself. This showing relates to interactive design because, looking closer the films that stand out all use aspects of design to enhance their effects. The two pieces that used comedy had brighter bubblier colors and shapes, while the more intense piece had dark colores, lots of shadow, and tended to make use of what hard edges they could use. In interactive design we have to know some aspect of design and implement it into our websites. Without this knowledge a website could be advertizing one thing but look like its made for something else, or targeted at a different audience. It also could turn people away if the colors clash too much.

The DMA showcase was an event that showed off several time based pieces. These pieces used elements of design within them, just as we use in our interactive design class. Going to this viewing showed me how to incorporate different elements of design to enhance the mood or idea I wish to convey.


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Website Fix

my website:


old website:


I did a redesign of a theme park called playland. The original site has conflicting color design and confusing navigation.Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.30.19 AM.png

Parts of the original webpage have navigation that is reminiscent of pop up ads on dangerous websites. The information is cluttered and hard to understand Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.30.33 AM.png

In my redesign I wanted to focus on making navigation more simple and have the information presented in a clearer way. I changed the main colors from red and blue to green and white to match the dragon mascot. I also ended up changing the mascot to have a smoother design. I made my website very image heavy with simple blurbs of text that could be clicked on to navigate to other pages, with a menu at the top.

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playland website


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