Video art

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Pacing Animation

Sync Sketch


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Slime rancher montage



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College Sleep Documentary


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Peer Critique


Stephen’s walking animation is full of personality, from the smile on it’s face to the the flowing movement of it’s arms and legs. He was able to capture incredibly small details such as the bob in norman’s head and the bend in it’s toes. To improve the movement norman’s shoulders could move a little more dramatically from side to side. His hips could also rotate a little more but not by much. There are also small moments where his back could bend a small amount more forward. These faults are very minuscule though. Stephen has great use of timing in the arm movement. The spacing of the key frames, with the closer ones at the ends of the arc, and the faster more spaced out ones within the arc. This spacing makes the movement look realistic and lively. He also incorporates slow in and slow out with almost every part of the body. He uses it in the leg arm and shoulder movement especially. Overall this piece of animation is very well done. lots of techniques such as slow in slow out and the arc are used in this piece, and it overall looks very lively and believable.

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Pirate walk cycle

Sync Sketch



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Original audio edit


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